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Some Sites To Explore


some of these are clickbait. mhm

ENRICKS : an infomational site about a deadly disease.

MOUCHETTE : a site made by a 13 year old artist.

EVERSKIES : an online doll dress-up community.

LOMANDO : a cute anime game about cats. takes place on a fancy island!

MY 90's TV : 90s entertainment, now at your fingertips!

MY 2000's TV : like the 90's tv one, but with the 2000s instead.

YYYYYYY.INFO : idk what to say, but minimalists HATE this (glorious) site!

HIPPO HIPPO : hippo.

LING'S CARS : dubbed as "the UK's favourite car leasing website" and rightfully so.

BROOMHEADZ : a site that documents some of the most iconic outfits in the 2000s show degrassi.


W3SCHOOLS : a helpful site that teaches you all that you need to know about html and css!

GLITTER GRAPHICS : a site with a wide variety of all kinds of graphics.

FILLSTER : a myspace graphics site with some neat html tips.

CURSORS-4U : want a custom cursor? this site is just for you!

GIFCITIES : a web archive of all these cool geocities gifs.

WEB BUTTON MAKER : make your very own 88x31 site button here!

GLTTER TEXT ONLINE : everything is better in glitter, of course.

STYLE DOLLZ : dunno if this should be in the "fun sites" category, but yeah, dollz!

STRIPE GENERATOR : incase you're out of backgrounds for your site!

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